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What PewDiePie can teach us.

Last night, I had a revelation after watching this video. And it really got me thinking…

It's a video about PewDiePie, the biggest YouTuber in the world. He's been the biggest YouTuber for over 5 years, which, in "internet time" is an eternity.

The narrator claims that he's big for these reasons:

  1. Evolution
  2. Consistency
  3. Humble

In this piece, I want reflect on the first one... evolution.

One of the reasons that PewDiePie is so big is that he has constantly evolved over his career. His personality, demographic, content, humor, and just about everything else has been constantly (and successfully) evolving.

When some of the other "big" channels found something that worked, they did it over and over and over again, and eventually people grew tired of it (for example, Smosh, which once was the biggest channel, just went out of business).

PewDiePie has continued to experiment even after finding things that worked. He is never settling. I think "never settling" is very important to success.

I think many of our dreams is to find something that works, and then put it on autopilot. It is what is preached in the 4 Hour Workweek. As engineers & entrepreneurs, that's what many of us are trying to do.

It's sort of depressing, but also sort of validating, to hear that even the biggest creators in the world are constantly evolving and how important it is for success.

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