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Success Stories Are Distracting

I try not to consume too much content from other entrepreneurs.

Over the last year, I’ve found myself creating more and consuming less. Without a doubt, I realize this is a good thing.

But... sometimes I feel bad about this...

I should be listening to more podcasts and reading more blog posts, otherwise I will make poor decisions or miss out on some epic growth hacks.”

And when I feel like that - I’ll start to go back and try to listen/consume more. And then after, I realize why I stopped in the first place.

The success of others can be very distracting. I might think that I am learning new tactics or ways to grow / become a better entrepreneur but mostly I’m just getting filled with bullshit.

It often clutters my mind with half baked ideas.

What sparked this blog post

I listened to a podcast recently where I was completely floored by some of the stuff said by the interviewee… I was thinking:

I need to apply all of this to my business today. If I do that - my business would grow so much faster - I mean, look at what numbers this person is claiming.” 

But when I take a deeper look, I realize that those tactics are not in line with my style. They also may not have the same effect on my business, or they just might not fit with the brand.

An hour long podcast shouldn’t influence deep changes in my business.

And more importantly, employing effective tactics in my business cannot be a fly by night decision. Maybe it’s how I work, but to be effective with a new strategy, I must be a plan it, slowly implemented iteratively over the course of months, and understand every aspect of it.

When I hear some crazy growth hack, I need to realize it’s not the full picture. It is what worked for that person after hundreds of other tries. There are pros and cons to every decision. Every business and industry is a little bit different. I must go with my gut, even if it not the most logical or businessman thing to do.

Replicating success is a loser’s game.

It’s important to do what you love and stay in your own, focused lane. It’s more important to clear your distractions and just execute on your own, to fail and learn.

It’s funny, you rarely hear these other entrepreneurs talk about all the podcasts they listened to or articles they read… I’m not trying to say that learning is not important, but it’s not how the best do it.

No more podcasts for a bit...

I realize the irony that I run a blog sharing the success stories of other entrepreneurs. There is a time and place. I just needed to write this after being depressed after consuming too much entrepreneur fluff.

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