This is my blog.

Slow growth

I want to start writing more, so I’m going to commit to writing a few words every day. Kind of like a journal, but public…

Don’t plan to share these too much but would love to have these for my own record, especially since I’m starting my nomad journey in a couple days - something to look back on.

Sometimes I feel like blog posts are trying too hard. People feel they need to make them long for sake of being long.

With this mentality, it makes them really hard to write - and sometimes I’ll start one but never finish it.

So I’ll write more train of thought style - with no commitment to length.

Anyways, onto the thought I had today...

Slow growth

This morning I was thinking about growth…

Particularly growth on Instagram. When I started I created an Instagram account and thought it would be easy to grow the account by just working hard on it.

About a year ago, I started by posting random shit to it every day, thinking I could just do that and it would grow tremendously and quickly.

“If I post every day, something great will happen.”

This is one of my problems, I just have ideas and then I have some overconfidence that they will just work. And it’s almost never the case. And when they do work, but they always take a lot longer to materialize than I originally envisioned.

Going back to the story…

After posting every day to that Instagram account for like 20 days, I got nowhere, and eventually gave up.

I realized I was just doing it because I thought sheer persistence would win. It didn’t.

So I went back to just posting every time I had new content. Something I could do more easily with automation.

I opened up the Instagram account and now i have like 700 followers, all organic. It’s been a year. It’s not a lot of followers, but it’s growing. It’s slow growth.

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