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My first coworking experience

Today, I went to my first coworking space!

Since my sister flies in tomorrow - I wanted to get a bit of work of done. Pieter Levels recommended I check out HUBBA.

Shoes aren’t aloud here :)

Took my shoes off and paid ~280 BHT for a day pass.

The staff was really friendly, WIFI was great, and a few people were there - not really crowded at all though.

I made myself comfortable in a corner:

My little corner

A couple hours in, the staff asked me what I wanted for lunch! They were so friendly - and picked up lunch for me. Then I ate lunch with them and met some new people!

They have a cool backyard area.

Where we ate lunch

The backyard

Less Meeting, More Doing

They also had this on the wall, which I love:

I also met a friend there! Got thier number and we met up and went to the night market in Bangkok - really fun!

Coworking spaces

I hear a lot of people are “over” coworking spaces - they are expensive, and maybe veteran nomads don’t need some of the things they provide.

I think I will use a coworking space for a while. It’s a good way to meet people, be comfortable and get stuff done. Plus, I want to find one with rooms where I can do some livestreaming!

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