This is my blog.


Over the past couple weeks, I’ve had many feelings of guilt.

Since I’ve been in Thailand I’ve been traveling with family and not doing much work. It’s supposed to be a vacation and I even got most things sorted before the vacation. But it doesn’t feel good to not do work.

I feel guilty that I’m not working. Although I’m not always feeling like this, it often happens when I open up email or Twitter. The feeling of not making progress makes me feel like I’m “losing time” and running behind.

Today is the first day I’ve truly gotten back to work and it feels really nice.

But I’m also remembering it’s the holidays - in the “full time job world”, not much gets done around these times - but for me I feel like I need to be working even harder.

I think this is a really bad thing but I don’t know how to fix it. I (mostly) didn’t feel this with regular jobs. I’ve only felt like this with my own business.

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