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Poker hand nicknames add color and character to the game. From the iconic "Dead Man's Hand" to creative monikers like "Darth Vader" and "Honeymoon in Vegas," these names link poker hands to history, pop culture, real people, and more.

We've compiled an extensive list of nicknames for poker hands below. Discover the stories behind these creative names as you explore poker lingo.


●   Pocket aces, the strongest starting hand, have been called everything from "Bullets" to "Santa Clauses."

●   The ace-king ("Big Slick") combo is nicknamed "Walking Back to Houston" due to players betting big and losing with it.

●   Drawing a king and queen suited is nicknamed "Marriage." Drawing them unsuited is called a "Mixed Marriage."

●   Pocket jacks earned names like “Fishhooks” and “Brothers” due to their appearance. But they can be a “Danger Hand” that loses to higher cards.

●   Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event with a 5-4 offsuit, now often called the “Moneymaker.”

●   Doyle Brunson frequently played the T-2 starting hand because he won the WSOP Main Event two years in a row with it in 1976 and 1977. Thus it's called the "Texas Dolly."

A Comprehensive Guide To Poker Hand Nicknames

A-X Nicknames

Pocket Aces

●   Bullets

●   American Airlines

●   Pocket Rockets

●   Santa Clauses

●   Snake Eyes

●   Weapons of Mass Destruction

AK ("Big Slick")

●   Anna Kournikova

●   Big Ugly (offsuit)

●   Walking Back to Houston

AQ ("Big Chick")

●   Big Slut

●   Rocket Queen


●   Apple Jacks

●   Blackjack


●   Bookends

●   Johnny Moss


●   Rounders/McDermott

●   Gimp


●   Dead Man's Hand


●   Slapshot


●   Mile High Club


●   High Five


●   Fake Aces

●   Broken Aces


●   Baskin Robbins

●   Ashtray


●   Acey Deucey

●   Little Slick

K-X Nicknames

Pocket Kings

●   Cowboys

●   King Kong

●   Ace Magnets

KQ ("Marriage")

●   Ferdinand and Isabella

●   Divorce (if unsuited)

KJ (Bachelor)

●   Just Kidding/Joking

●   King John


●   Big Al

●   Ike Turner


●   Canine

●   Rin Tin Tin


●   Knives

●   Seattle Special


●   King Crab

●   Sizzler


●   King Fritz

●   Donald

Q-X Nicknames

Pocket Queens

●   Ladies

●   Bitches (if loses)

●   Mop Squeezers


●   Maverick

●   Quack


●   Cutie

●   Tina Turner


●   Quinine

●   Frigid Bitch


●   Dike

●   Computer Hand


●   Nesquik

●   Quix


●   Granny Mae


●   Gay Waiter

●   Windsor Waiter


●   Daisy

●   Queen Elizabeth

J-X Nicknames

Pocket Jacks

●   Fishhooks

●   Brothers

●   Danger Hand


●   Justin Timberlake

●   Greek Passport


●   Braggarts

●   Virgin Princess


●   Jeffrey Dahmer

●   Jacket


●   Jack Daniels

●   Dice


●   Railroad Tracks

●   Jack Sikma


●   Jackson Five

●   The Meat


●   Flat Tire

●   Austin Squatty


●   Lumberjack

●   Minus Michael


●   The Prince and the Pauper

●   Jack Shit

10-X Nicknames

Pocket Tens

●   Dynamite

●   Audi

●   Speed Limit


●   Countdown


●   Bowling Hand

●   Daniel Negreanu


●   Sweet 16

●   Tennessee Ernie Ford


●   Five and Dime

●   Woolworths


●   Hot Waitress


●   Texas Dolly

●   Terminator 2

Miscellaneous Nicknames

●   99 ("Party Hardy")

●   22 ("Ducks")

●   32 ("The Nut Low")

●   54 (Moneymaker)

●   55 ("Snakes")

●   69 ("The Dirty")

●   72 (W.H.I.P.)

●   87 (Crosby)

●   98 (Oldsmobile)

We've only scratched the surface of poker's vibrant lingo. As you play more hands, you'll pick up even more entertaining nicknames.

Now let's dive deeper into the stories and meanings behind some of poker's classic hands.

The Tales Behind the Top Starting Hands

Dead Man's Hand

On August 2, 1876, gunslinger "Wild Bill" Hickok was shot dead while playing poker with his back turned. According to legend, his final hand was the ace of spades and ace of clubs, paired with two black eights.

This gave birth to the infamous "Dead Man's Hand." It's considered an omen of bad luck by some, but that doesn't stop players from treasuring aces and eights.

Pocket Bullets

The ace is the highest card in poker, making pocket aces a powerful starting hand. Nicknamed "pocket rockets" or "bullets," players love seeing them, though their rarity makes them a once-in-a-while treat.

A Comprehensive Guide To Poker Hand Nicknames

Fun fact: Despite their strength, pocket aces lose one third of the time because at least one ace hits the board by the river roughly one third of the time.

Big Slick

An ace plus a king makes for a slick combination known as "Big Slick." It's an excellent starting hand, but the lack of suits means it can be slippery.

As the nickname "Walking Back to Houston" suggests, Texas players tend to lose big pots playing ace-king, left walking home empty handed.

Texas Dolly

This hand was the foundation of Doyle Brunson’s Main Event victories in 1976 and 1977. He regularly played the T-2 cards, unusual since it's one of the worst starting hands.

Brunson proved nines and treys can win bracelets, and the T-2 starting hand took on his nickname, Texas Dolly.

Final Thoughts

Poker nicknames link hands to history, real people, pop culture, and more. They add flair and fun to the game while providing a common language for poker enthusiasts.

Hopefully this guide provides helpful background on some of poker's classic nicknames. The next time someone refers to "Hooters" or "Speed Limit" at the table, you'll be in the know!