This is my blog.

I miss running.

In 2019, one of my big goals is to get back into running. My goal is to run 1000 miles AND a marathon.

2 years ago I ran a marathon, and last year I went for a run 80 days in a row (as part of a challenge).

Running provides so many benefits that you don't realize. Even though it takes hours out of your day in time, it truly adds back more hours to productivity, clear thinking, and health.

But it's always been hard for me to just run every day, unless I have a race or some sort of stated commitment (like #100daysofrunning)

So, I've just signed up for the Volcano Run Half Marathon in Indonesia in March. And I've put together a small running calendar/plan in Notion.

During some of the most productive times in my life, I was running very seriously. I think there was definitely a correlation.

When you need to run every day, you learn to prioritize tasks much more - and you start to value your time as well.

Planning out your day becomes easier. You know you have to run at THIS time, and then the rest of your day just flows together.

I'm excited to get back into running.

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